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research & development

Continuous Insulation Studies

Continuous Insulation presents challenges with the overall wall-assembly’s design, performance and construction. We are currently developing eight, steel-framed wall assemblies to evaluate their comparative differences, while standardizing to ICC 2018 in Climate Zone 5. The design solutions include multiple insulation types, location of the thermal and weather control layers, thermal breaks, fasteners, fire resistance, structural, and the final accommodation to exterior claddings.

Featured Case Study:

DSS Back-Lattice

Patent Pending

Continuous Insulation Assembly Types:


Typical Zee w/ MW & Batt


Enhanced Zee




ISO All-In-One




Bonded All-In-One


Clip & Rail


Back-Lattice w/ SPF

Patent Pending

DSS is supported by the contributing efforts of the following:

▪ O’Donnell & Naccarato, Structural Engineers, Philadelphia, PA, for design of the steel framing systems and cladding loadings

▪ The Norwood Company, Contractors, Malvern, PA, for comparative cost rankings and construction production rates per SF for field-built and panelized.

▪ Tremco, Cleveland, OH, for ASTM E331 and E2357 full-scale lab testing

▪ Dow/Knightwall, for engineering of their girts and fasteners and validating WUFI in the various designs.

▪ NVelope, for engineering of their clip and rail system

▪ BASF WallTite, for validating their spray foam with NFPA 285 and WUFI

▪ ArmorWall, for engineering of their bonded panel system, and validating WUFI

▪ Equitone, for engineering of their mineral fiber 3psf cladding and back track system for light-weight cladding.

▪ Armatherm for their high-density urethane thermal isolation pads - Providing sample materials for full-size mock-up testing