We support architects, owners and builders with the design, implementation and remediation of high-performance building enclosures.

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We are an architectural building enclosure consulting firm dedicated to supporting architects, builders and owners with building enclosure design assistance, assessment, testing and investigations.

By cooperatively assisting design architect's through the detailing and construction phases, we advance the creation of better performing buildings.


Building Shell & Enclosure Design Assistance

Engaging cooperatively with the project design team to prepare direct content such as developing enclosure details, preparing code reports, researching materials, and preparing or outlining specifications. DSS often participates with the pre-construction teams to review and refine the project with the cost and scheduling managers with cooperative negotiation and explaining the rationale for the design intent.

Architectural Peer Review

Reviewing the architect’s design and construction documents on behalf of the architect, owner or builder.

Construction Phase Assistance

Assisting the design architect with submittal reviews and questions or revisions. Providing in the field Quality Control (QC) for enclosure construction items such as waterproofing, flashing, cladding and roofing.

Hygrothermal Modeling (WUFI)

Preparing WUFI hygrothermic modeled performance studies to ensure the careful accomplishment of the design intent. The studies analyze the passage of heat and moisture along with mold tendencies over a three-year life of the wall assembly designed within a specific climate.

Heat Transfer Analysis

Building theoretical modeled studies of the passage of thermal energy across a wall joint assembly such as wall framing or window and door framing.

BECxA Commissioning

Providing certified Building Enclosure Commissioning or Building Envelope Specialist (BES) services. While this can be by the classic detached third-party approach, DSS prefers direct engagement in order to review and advise the Enclosure QC design and construction process.

Forensic Testing

Performing and guiding analytic and forensic testing, including test probes, thermographic IR imaging, and moisture or water testing. DSS also manages and interprets Special Inspections performed by third-party ASTM certified providers.

Remediation & Litigation Support

Assisting builders or owners with problem enclosure conditions during and after construction. DSS engages with the problems and tries to establish a comprehensive assessment along with practical remediation recommendations. The goal is to resolve an issue with firmness, calmness, tact and clarity.

Serving as an architectural expert witness during investigation and remediation, as well as during litigation, typically in the defense of the architect or builder.

research & development

Continuous Insulation Studies

Continuous Insulation presents challenges with the overall wall-assembly’s design, performance and construction. We are currently developing eight, steel-framed wall assemblies to evaluate their comparative differences, while standardizing to ICC 2018 in Climate Zone 5. The design solutions include multiple insulation types, location of the thermal and weather control layers, thermal breaks, fasteners, fire resistance, structural, and the final accommodation to exterior claddings.

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